Safer, more Modern Union County Juvenile Detention Center Opens


Financed by the Union County Improvement Authority, the Union County Juvenile Detention Center opened in April 2008 and houses 80 residents, both male and female.

The UCIA financed the project at the urging of the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders, which reviewed the need for safer, more modern facilities and found that construction of a new Detention Center was needed and in the best interests of Union County.

The 70,000-square-foot building is constructed of masonry and steel and includes almost an acre of outdoor courtyard space. Design includes full-service kitchen, a medical station, a family visitation area and other programmatic areas for residents and staff.

Residential housing includes four (4) units containing 16 rooms each, and two units containing 8 rooms each. These units include bedrooms, toilets and shower areas, as well as multi-purpose spaces. Each unit includes a large communal day room, and access to courtyard space.

With each unit designed to be self- contained, the County now has the ability to shut down individual units if the residential population is low, which helps better control operational and personnel costs.

The one-story building is expandable, with additional land available to build upon, if necessary, without any disruption to the Juvenile Center’s operations.